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We provide extreem facilities


Campus is having high speed internet facility. The institute has a 24*7 Wi-Fi Facility in the College campus for the student and faculty members to avail internet connection at any place in the college / The Coverage of Wi-Fi is not only restricted to class rooms but also extends to all the areas including library. Auditorium, Cafeteria etc.


MGAGI are centres for loused learning under the most conducive atmosphere for learning and inter-action. The acoustic system of the classroom has been designed keeping in view the integrated audio-visual latching aids for lectures and presentations.


The institute has a well- established Library which is housed in a modern building having all kind of facilities for its best utilization by the faculty and student. Library contains the large number of books on technical education, literature, General Awareness, Management, computer and IT etc.


MGAGI seminar hall has a theatre-style setting, spread over on required area which can comfortably accommodate 200 individuals. The centrally air cool hall has a Wi-Fi projection screen. It is well equipped with virtual IIT buttress through which students get in depth knowledge of their respective subjects.


Laboratories & workshops at MGAGI are handles by properly trained and qualified lab instructor and are full equipped with proper instruments calibrated to international standard. Students are supported both by their subject faculties and the lab instructors.


The exposure to co-orbicular activities in the form of games both indoor and outdoor & cultural activities helps to develop individual initiative, group leadership and cooperation in students. The institute has facilities for Table Tennis, Badminton, Volley Ball, Foot Ball, Cricket etc.


The institute provides well connected transport facility. The institute provided its own Buses for students and staff members at very reasonable cost.


We have separate Canteen or cafeteria on the campus. The canteen will be hygienic and pure vegetarian food will be available to the students.


The institute has its grate medical facilities to students. The institute is having every solution and medicines which are related to sour common diseases.

Approvals & Affiliations

Affiliated to Chhatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University, Kanpur


Program Offered Heigher Education

B.B.A ( Bachelor of Business Administration )

Duration of course - 3 yrs
Available Seats- 120

Bachelor of Business Administration is an Undergraduate Academic Degree which is awarded for a courses or Programme in Business Administration. It is also known as B.B.A which is an abbreviated form of the Bachelor of Business Administration. B.B.A Course is designed to provide basic understanding about Management education and to train the students in communication skills effectively which inculcate entrepreneurship skills. The students are prepared to explore opportunities being newly created in management profession. Business Administration study methodology involves training through practical experience in the form of case studies, projects, presentation, industrial visits, and interaction with experts from the industry. Bachelor’s degree programmes in Business Administration! Business Studies! Management Studies are called by various names by the different universities. Hence, they will have various names like B.B.M., B.B.S., B.M.S. courses, all of which are more or less the same thing. Management Professionals are hired by wide variety of industries, MNCs offices and organizations in Govt. Sectors as well Private Sectors like Corporate Houses, MNCs educational Institutes, Hospitals, banks etc. A management professional take up the following positions Asst. Manger, Analyze, Finance and Accounts Manager Banker, Assistant, Sales and Marketing professional, Research Asst. Etc. One may also go for advanced programmes such as MBA, PH.D .

Eligibility –

Any candidate who has passed HSC (10+2) exam from any stream with English as passing subject and secured minimum 45% marks at 12 std. Admission is base on the Govt. Policies. Normally, there is an objective-type entrance test for admission to B.B.A./ B.B.S./ B.M.S. Courses which evaluates English language, quantitative aptitude and reasoning skills.


Duration of course - 3 yrs (Six semester)
Available Seats- 120

BCA or Bachelor of computer applications is an undergraduate academic degree which is awarded for a course or programme in computer applications. It is one of the most popular computer science courses in India, probably the most. It is also known as B.C.A. which is an abbreviated form of the bachelor of computer applications. The course provides sound practical skills addressing problems which arise from computer systems and applications. After BCA one may take up Govt. Jobs that require a graduation degree ( ex. Armed forces, Nationalized banks, PSUs etc ) while in private sector software MNCs are the prime recruiters of BCA holders One can take up the following posts in the above mentioned sectors – Software Engineer, Software tester, project manager system Administrator, System Security office etc. One may also go for advanced courses such as MCA and Ph. D. And eventually take up teaching or Research and development profession.

Eligibility -

Bachelor of Computer Science requires a candidate to have passed HSC ( 10+2 ) exam with Mathematics subject with minimum 45% marks at 12th std.


Duration of course - 3 yrs
Available Seats - 240

Bachelor of Science is an undergraduate academic degree which is awarded for a course or program in science. The Bachelor of Science degree is one of the most pursued degrees in the world. The duration of Bachelor of Science degree spans over a period of 3 years. A person seeking the science degree needs to study 3 subjects. There are limited no. Of combinations of subjects one can opt for depending upon the availability of choices. It is popularly known as B.Sc. which is an abbreviated form of the science degree. Science degree offers much specified knowledge about certain subject’s areas, usually in one of the three main science fields of chemistry, biology or physics. Bachelor of Science degree course is design to develop graduates with the key practical skills and interdisciplinary knowledge. The students are involved in completing pre-planned lab work based on text books and reading and adapting to well known theories. Students study an extensive range of courses and perform research in their choice of field. Graduates are qualified for employment opportunities in a wide array of science and non-science industries. Whether a subject is considered a science or an art can vary between universities. For example, an economics degree may be given as B.A by one university but as B.Sc. by another. Biology, Biochemistry, maths, Physics, Chemistry, general Science, earth science and computer science are almost universally considered to be sciences.

Eligibility for B.Sc. -

Students with 50% in H.S.C. examinations (10+2) from a recognized education board with science stream can opt for Bachelor of Science.
Bachelor of Science Subjects

  • Zoology
  • Botany
  • Chemistry

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Maths

B.A. (Bachelor of Arts)

Duration of course - 3 yrs
Available Seats - 420

Bachelor of Arts Degree or B.A Degree is an Undergraduate Academic Degree awarded for a course or programme usually in a branch of the Liberal Arts. The Bachelor of Arts degree is one of the oldest and best-known Degrees in the world. A Degree holder in Arts is simply known as Bachelor of Art / Arts. The Duration of Bachelor of Art Degree spans over a period of 3 years. A person seeking the Arts Degree needs of combinations of subjects one can opt for depending upon the availability of choices Arts students have the option to choose to major and minor in English literature Language, Hindi literature , Education polytechnic Science, History and many more subject areas. The course covers all the related topics for the field and gives rigorous training to the students. The students go through a well defined study programme for their all round development. It is generally considered the easiest stream according to the larger populace and generally looked down upon as compared to science and Engineering Streams. The reason behind this is that a person, who graduates in Arts, holds a degree in a general non-scientific subject area. But Art Degrees worth can be gauged from the fact that it offers more avenues of employment opportunities than any other stream. This is primarily because students seeking Engineering and Science are limited to their respective fields whereas students pursuing Arts are not limited to their specific fields, their scope of specialisation is vast. With respect to the previous academic background and the personal choice and ability of the student towards a specific program, there exists an appropriate program for almost each and every candidate opting for this degree.

Eligibility for B.A. Degree -

Students passing successfully out of their H.S.C. EXAMINATIONS (10+2) from a recognised education board with science, arts or commerce stream can opt for Bachelor of Arts.
Bachelor of Arts Subjects
  • Hindi
  • English Literature
  • English Language
  • History
  • Political Science
  • Education
  • Sociology

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